Origins of the Cap Strap

Origins of the Cap Strap

The idea for the Cap Strap was formed on a Grand Canyon rafting trip. On trip, we used Nalgene water bottles, though we found them tricky to keep track of, especially in the Canyon. The plastic straps could not be trusted to keep bottles secure in rough water, and bottles were often lost or had to be stored in sealed bags - out of reach.  We needed a better way, something that was reliable and could withstand the rigor of extended rafting trips.

Over the course of the trip, discussion abounded about various strategies: ratchet straps, zip ties, and duct tape were all considered, though ultimately, we settled on a new idea, a screw on metal ring. 

Fast forward a few weeks to Cambridge MA, where some late night mania, a pair of scissors, and a cardboard box yielded the very first version of the Cap Strap.

After multiple iterations and additional development, the Cap Strap has become a focused Nalegene accessory that elevates what you can do and where you can take your water bottle. By installing a reliable hard connection point, you can clip your Nalgene off in rough water, on extended multi pitches, during long hikes and more. The flexible nylon strap creates a simple carabiner or rope connection point, while two auxiliary loops offer additional flexibility and capability. 

The Cap Strap is designed to augment how you can use a Nalgene in the backcountry and around town. Elevate your Nalegene with the Cap Strap, and let us know where it takes you.


Tahr Team

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